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KleeThe Klee & Mike Show was formed in Greenville, NC sometime around 1990, while Klee Liles and Michael Robertson were majoring in music at East Carolina University. They have been playing together ever since, both as their own duo and with other bands - most notably, Ramajay Intercoastal.

Klee lives in Boone, NC, plays guitar and sings, all while rocking one of an impressive collection of patterned short-sleeve shirts. He also plays a mean bass –- no, really...one of his basses tried to bite Michael once -- for both Ramajay, the Jonathan Birchfield Band, Latitude and others.

MichaelMichael, who has lived in Nashville, TN since 1993, travels with a unique collection of percussion featuring many instruments he's found and, when necessary, built for himself over the last twenty-some years. In addition to The Klee & Mike Show, Michael has played with Ramajay, The Neons (Atlanta), The Calypso Nuts, Mark Johnson (NC/Nashville) and others.



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